Saturday, August 21, 2010

New job

This year I have started a new job, returning to my roots as a Spanish Immersion teacher, but instead of elementary, I am teaching 6th grade Immersion at a middle school. I have come to love teaching middle school and feel I have a lot to offer my students. For the past 5 years I have been a 7th and 8th grade math teacher at a private school. I loved my job and love the school (my son goes there), but there was a change in the air, so I decided to see what jobs were out in there that intrigued me. Luckily with my professional background as math and bilingual teacher, there were quite of few options and I was able to choose. That is how I came to my new job.

I do love my job, not even faking a little. I can't believe I actually fell into it accidentally. I feels like it was waiting for me patiently. Last night I had dinner with a good friend and former colleague from my previous school and I did feel a few tiny pangs about not returning, but only slight ones and they will disappear quickly when compared with what I am living professionally. 

My new principal and colleagues are over the top supportive and just appreciative of the order I bring to chaos, which has always been my reputation. They trust me and see that I deserve that trust. I am humbled daily by this faith in my capacity and work hard to be worthy of it. 

Now that I am teaching Spanish Language Arts, I am once again relishing speaking Spanish and helping kids improve in language in general. Perhaps a math teacher (as much as I love teaching math) just never will have that type of relationship with students due to subject matter fears and prejudices.

I am in a fantastic job situation, too, because they capped my classes at around 20 students each, only 4 more than my previous school, and my students' attitudes are miles beyond the "put upon" attitudes of my former students. No irritating adjunct duties, either. No recess or lunch duties. My own classroom. Two prep periods a day plus a lunch period. Sometimes I wonder if I am dreaming.

So in the end, I am responsible for fewer students over all, less high school pressure, happier students, excited administrators, supportive colleagues, and and more $$$. I just can't find the downside to this change, other than it was forced upon me against my will.

Not everything forced upon us is bad. So say we all. 

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