Sunday, August 22, 2010

The only truth, ever

At times I learn
no truth for whole days
until my boy insists
that I listen. 
Floating, sinking and
floating again
in his sound, his voice
the stories invade,
heroes in conflict,
dramatic dialogues,
no pauses:
bit rather
action and action.
I listen.
I float 
in his voice,
so excited,
dense in detail.
My heart slows,
dances in little 
amongst clouds. 
Only then do I
release tiny sighs,
open my fists,
smooth the frown
stare at his moving lips:
Only then do I
How real we are
in the stories we tell
no matter the fiction
from which they spring.
No longer the quizzer,
the teacher, 
the disciplinarian.
I am the listener
the only truth
I need to remember, 

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